I keep hearing that the losing voters are afraid and I wonder what they are afraid of. I first voted back in 1960. It was the first and only time I ever voted for a Democrat in spite of the fact that I worked for a Republican and I was supposed to be voting a Republican ticket.
It seems to me a really informed voter listens to what the candidate has to say and listens to their heart. They take into consideration whether or not that candidate believes in God and has “Christian values.” That is what is important to me.
When Obama ran for office his motto was “hope and change.” He also said “We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.“ Everyone clapped and cheered instead of wondering why you would want to change the greatest nation in the world. They did not understand he wanted to change America into a Marxist country and nearly did. He won election as the first black person, not because of his qualifications to be President of the United States.
When Obama made the statement, “Ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs, and order and progress can only come when individuals can surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign,” there was no outrage from this country, nor the media. This is when women and men should have been afraid. Instead they gave him another four years in office.
When Barack Obama said “the Constitution gets in the way of my getting done what I need to do,” there was no outrage by the men and women, nor the media in this country. This is when women and men should have been afraid.
When the Democratic Party nominated Hillary Clinton to run for President of the United States and Hillary Clinton said she would finish what Barack Obama started and that she was a progressive, this is when men and women should have been afraid. She believed in power of the government. She really wanted to be a world leader. And it seems that everything people believe and are afraid about Mr. Trump is actually what Mrs. Clinton actually is.
Then there was a revolution because America had enough. Had all the women and yes, men too, listened to the speeches of Mr. Trump and stopped making fun of the way he was delivering them, but listening to the content, you would have found that he was giving up his life and his business for you. He was accepting a job with no pay. He was campaigning on his own funds, not foreign funds and PAC funds. And his speeches were about what he was going to do for this country. No, he is not the most polished politician, but he has made his way and is still learning. He is a big businessman, not a politician. He at least has experience running a big business. Obama was only a community organizer with a big smile.
You slam Trump and talk about how he degraded women but not one of you say anything about slick Willie and all the women he raped and the lawsuits against him and the number of women he paid off to keep from having lawsuits. And Hillary wasn’t such an angel to put up with it. She was just more discreet.
We ask you to give Trump a chance. That’s all! Just give him a chance. America has your back. We voted him in. Under Obama we were afraid of where this country was going, so we know how you feel. Now we have hope that this country will turn around and get back to what our Constitution and this Country is meant to be. Instead of all the Liberal negativity, show some positivity in your life and hopefully your life will be great again.

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