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I remember every president since Harry Truman. I was too young to remember Roosevelt. Since my birth, there have been seven Democratic Presidents and Trump will make the seventh Republican President.
I suppose we all remember where we were and what we were doing on the day that John Kennedy was assassinated. For the next several days not much got done by Americans at home or on the job as we sat glued to the front of our radios and television sets watching the events unfold as Jack Ruby walked through the crowd and calmly pulled out a pistol and fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who had just assassinated the President of the United States.
I don’t recall hearing grumblings about a president until Richard Nixon. He was about to be impeached and I reckon there was a good enough reason with those tapes, so I am not going to kick that around.
Along came Jimmy “Peanuts” Carter. It is amazing that no one complains about having a socialist in office. Does America not recognize what a socialist is, or do they not recognize the dangers of socialism to our free society? Under Carter, all of the colleges were turning out graduates with degrees in socialism and now they are teaching socialism and liberalism to your children.
It was a great day when Hillary Clinton lost the run for President. Way too many people had fatal accidents on her climb up the ladder to that social position. I believe the total spans close to fifty at the present time. Clinton was an admitted Progressive which is the same as a Socialist, which is the same thing as a Communist. She stated she would carry on Barack Obama’s policies.
Barack Obama was a Socialist/Marxist. He too was a byproduct of Saul Alinsky. He did not have the interests of America first and foremost in his heart. He had his own agenda and that was to change our Constitution and make this a Socialist country more like France.
Obama did his damage and this is only a very few:
• He brought out all of the liberals and told them that sin was a good thing.
• He attempted to tell middle-class Bible thumping America that from now on there would be political correctness.
• He disallowed prayers and Bibles in schools, except it was mandatory to teach the Koran in public schools.
• Obamacare was supposed to be his legacy but instead has nearly bankrupted the country and is not affordable.
• Mass immigration.
• He has never been serious about terrorism and cannot even say the words Islamic terrorism.
• He incited racial tension rather than bringing the blacks and whites together. That should have been his legacy.
• He has been a bigger enemy of our Constitution than any other President
• He packed the Federal courts with activists and liberal judges.
• He has done permanent economic damage and changes to society.
America is about to topple. The only thing holding her up is the fact that there are still more Americans than Liberals/Socialist/Communists/Democrats. Yes, I lump all of you together. If you look up the membership list of the Communists of America or Socialists of America, you will find many of them are members of our U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and those members are all Democrats.
At least on past elections if your party lost by the next day you accepted it and life goes on. We now have a new generation of liberal/socialist college kids that know nothing about politics who are out there rioting, burning, pillaging, stopping traffic, threatening murder and then they run for a safe zone. They are told to be afraid and they do not know what they are afraid of. This comes from their professors. They actually get rewarded for participating. Where are mom and dad?
I am proud of Trump. He has stayed focused through all of the lies that the liberal mainstream media has dreamed up and thrown at him. He knows none of it is true and it must feel at times as though the whole world is against him. I hope he remembers that this country is still behind him.
It is disgusting and shameful when a Party in the name of Communism sets out to destroy one person because they lost an election. What happened to fair play in a game. Isn’t that what we were taught? We all rally behind the leader to take them home! Instead, the Media, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Democrats are doing everything in their power to thwart every good turn made by Mr. Trump. What they are really saying is “We don’t want to make America great.” [6/17/2017 – Irene Petteice]

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