Today as I went through my social media platforms and saw all of the posts by people against our President, I was reminded of the lyrics of the song by Frank Sinatra, “I Do it My Way.” And it makes me more proud of our President.
Everyone has an opinion, and today I am expressing mine. Most of the posts from others were anti-Trump and personal and some were even vicious.
Remember when Barack Obama won his first election? I do. I was devastated. I knew he was a Marxist. I was afraid for this country. And I campaigned against all of his policies and all of his immoral iniquities. The difference is my campaign was not personal. I did not wish him or his family dead. My campaign had nothing to do with race. It had nothing to do with his intellect or education. My campaign had to do with his politics and the fact he wanted to destroy America.
I did not go out and organize protests and burn and loot because I was unhappy with the results of the election. I figured God had a plan in mind for this country and we would go from there. When Obama won again I again bided my time because I knew he could not run for office a third time and I prayed that he did not have time to completely destroy the country in his remaining four years.
Now we have a President, Mr. Donald J. Trump, a man that loves America, a man that wants to see America as a great nation again, a man that works 18 hours a day, a man that keeps his promises, a man that is not a politician, but a businessman [and that is why we elected him], and, yes, a good man.
Who does not like Mr. Trump? The lame stream media. The lame stream media are liberals and fake news. Who else? All the liberals. Most liberals deny Christianity, support the homosexual agenda and gay marriage. And, of course, Democrats. Most Democrats are either liberals, Socialists, or Communists. Corrupt Republicans that are afraid of being caught.
Each day the media posts and airs disparaging remarks, and innuendos under the guise of news. They pick apart and twist every word that the President says until it is no longer recognizable.
The Liberals are not that kind. They swear, use extremely foul language, call names and tell out-and-out lies about the President and his family and wish them dead.
The Democrats and Corrupt Republicans just disagree with everything the President attempts to do even when it is for the good of the country and they yell “impeach,” even though there are no grounds for impeachment. They forget “The People” are watching them and will remember them at election time.
The Media, The Liberals, The Democrats and the Corrupt Republicans need to also remember one thing. President Trump is entitled to his First Amendment Rights and that includes tweeting. President Trump is our President for four years. Pull up your big boy pants and deal with it and stop acting like children. [Irene Petteice 8/21/2017]

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