Newspaper Interview 7/8/2018 about YOU NEVER DIE

Alvin native familiar with supernatural
BY MARY WICOFF 8 hrs ago
When a writing teacher told Irene Petteice that she should write about what she knows, she turned to a topic she’s familiar with — the supernatural.
The Alvin native wrote a book, “You Never Die: I Can Fly” based upon her own out-of-body experiences and communication with ghosts.
“I know about ghosts because I have been able to see and feel ghosts and spirits since I have been a very small child,” she said in a news release.
The nonfiction paperback, which came out in June, was published by Publication Consultants. She publishes under the name I.S. Petteice.
“Everybody wants to know where they go after they die,” she said in a telephone interview from her home in Las Vegas, Nev.
Souls go to an intermediate place — not heaven or hell — and wait there until Judgment Day, she said.
Skeptics who think we take a “dirt nap” after death will think otherwise after reading the book, she said. There is a reality beyond this realm and she opens a door many people do not want to admit exists.
The book will appeal to people of any denomination, she said, and also addresses reincarnation.
Each chapter is written to convince the reader that there is life after death. She attempts to explain where souls go when they transition between this life and waiting for Judgment Day. People should have no fear in dying because life continues on in a new body, Petteice said.
While many people are skeptics about the afterlife, Petteice bases everything on her own experiences.
Petteice, a Southern Baptist, was raised in a deeply religious family in Alvin and graduated from Rossville High School in 1959. She has many relatives in the Alvin-Rossville-Hoopeston area who go by the name Pettice; she took the family’s original spelling of Petteice.
Her father was a psychic and her grandfather was a necromancer (who communicates with the dead). In her family, the paranormal was normal.
“It’s the story of my life,” she said. “I grew up seeing ghosts. There is life beyond.”
Petteice describes herself as an intuitive, saying, “I can feel things.”
She said the book will keep people’s attention because it’s about ghosts and angels, which everyone is interested in.
A news release says: “The focus of the book is to make the unbelievable believable and — regardless of your religious upbringing — brings forth the concept which is the title of the book. ‘You Never Die’ is the kind of a book that will give skeptics second thoughts.”
Petteice, 77, began writing books in 2010 while she was recovering from a broken pelvis. “You Never Die” is her sixth book; the other five are non-fiction political novels.
She self-published her first book, but her second one and then the others were accepted by Publication Consultants, a traditional publisher, she said.

After graduating from high school, Petteice worked as a court reporter for the state of Illinois in Rock Island for eight years. She then started her own agency and ran that for five years.
One year, she and her then-husband went on vacation in Las Vegas, and realized she didn’t have any headaches or allergies while there. In 1971, they moved to the Las Vegas area.
“It’s been good to me out here,” she said.
Petteice has written guest articles for PnP Authors Promotions’ monthly magazine.
For more information, go to Irene Petteice’s website,
I.S. Petteice
I. S. Petteice. In every religion there is a Day of Reckoning. But between the moment of death and that Day, the soul is unfettered.
Her books are available at and
She can be reached at

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